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App Development

Effective User Experiences

Let Form Follow Function

The Events feed for our Android app, LinkUp, shows our careful balance between aesthetic and functionality.

Interactive Design

Cater to your Audience

To allow freedom of expression, we used calming and inviting colors as well as clear options to create a chat feed.

Knowledge-Driven Screenplay

Deliver your value proposition

Awareness. Learning. Doing. That's the opening sequence of events for an app. Our app tutorial maximized all three.

Effective Instructions

Hit the ground running

Today's environment favours quickness and efficiency. Nothing is quite as quick or efficient as passively teaching your users about your app while they sign-up.

Digital Marketing

Marketing done right

let people know who you are

Using guidelines recommended by Facebook, JaPlusPlus used emotive copy and a simple image to capture our audience.

Effective Online Advertising

Sometimes Less is more

Twitter's fast pace demands a sleek and minimalist ad. Luckily, that's our style, and we were able to deliver on great exposure for the brand.

Customer Development

Bold User engagement strategies

Boost your customer involvement

To improve user engagement, we featured posts by real users on our social media to market our product and incentivize users to create more content.

Research-based Validation

test your ideas

Only the market can validate an idea. We make sure to do so in person with cutting edge interview and survey methods.

Graphic Design

University of Technology, Jamaica

Marketing design

We designed a suite of marketing materials for the university's Masters program in Sustainable Energy and Climate Change. This included a booklet, brochure, flyer, and newspaper advertisement.

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