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Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Powell

While at Cornell University pursuing his first degree, Alex worked with over 30 organizations, solving problems for student groups, non-profits, small businesses and large corporations. This experience in combination with three years of research in decision making models makes him a strong fit for managing operations, project management, analytics, and strategic planning for JaPlusPlus. He has previously worked with Carreras, Factories Corporation and Rotary International.


enjoys: chess, learning, film/TV analysis

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Chief Marketing Officer

Kareem Panton

Kareem completed his tertiary education at the University of Rochester. At JaPlusPlus, the CMO's focus is on youth-engagement, customer-development and digital marketing. He has cultivated those skills from a young age, beginning with his time as the host of Jamaica's KFC quiz-show. He has also sat on numerous student panels and boards throughout his academic life as well as served as an ambassador for his alma mater to prospective students. Running campaigns at Campion College, Syracuse University, University of the West Indies and University of Buffalo, he charismatically delivers on the concepts of customer-engagement, customer acquisition and customer retention for the 15-30 demographic.


enjoys: breakdancing, e-sports, chess

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Chief Technology Officer

David Young

David is the team's technical and artistic virtuoso, leading design, development and information technology for the JaPlusPlus team. While majoring in Computer Science at Stanford University he nurtured an interest in mobile and website design through working on various design projects and starting community-focused technology initiatives in underdeveloped Jamaican communities. His work with Strafford Capital, Strategic Business Solutions, Code Jamaica, Study Abroad Jamaica and LinkUp has developed his skills even further. He uses cutting-edge responsive and material design in order to create easily understood and powerfully leveraged products.


enjoys: poetry, science fiction, making cool stuff

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Ja++ was formed from a passion in bringing to Jamaica the best the world has to offer in cutting-edge design, web/app development and digital marketing. With our help, your customers will engage with your business in a whole new way.

Everyone knows the internet is a great business tool, but most aren't getting the most out of it. Daily as we browsed the web we came across poorly designed smartphone apps, unengaging social media ads and websites stuck in the '90s. We think you deserve better. This is how we plan on giving it to you:

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We Work With You Closely

We respect your vision, and our mission is to help you realize its true potential. We respect your brand, and our methods will enhance your style. We will respect our relationship, and nurture it to create something lasting, useful, and inspiring. Ja++ responds to your needs, and we're committed to serving you around the clock.

Precise & Lean

We do our best to reduce uncertainty. Using cutting-edge analytics in combination with constant customer-contact, JaPlusPlus will deliver a scientific approximation of what the market demands. We guarantee efficiency, evidence and precision in the services we offer.

Ready to work together? We are.