Design 101: Promo Image Basics

by Kareem Panton
on May 20, 2018

Last time we spoke about Copywriting, a technique that is near the heart of any strong online marketing strategy, and in keeping with that course, today we're addressing promotional images. Design principles go hand-in-hand with writing principles, and promo images are a staple for all brands or businesses online. They’re quality cannot be overlooked.

Before writing this, I was having a conversation with our CTO, David Young, who leads the team on our web designs. We've been hearing more compliments on our designs lately, and wanted to innovate further. For that, we decided to get at the heart of it all and put pen to paper. We asked and answered one question. What things should have we been considering before creating promo images? The response:

“Poignant, eye-catching imagery. It should ideally feature people your customers want to be like, or something your customer would want to have. What they see or interpret must be memorable and related to your brand.”

If we break down his statement, we can work it into several critical questions:
  • Who is the ideal customer?
  • What are you providing the customer with, and is that value clear?
  • Will this image attract that customer and leave an impression on them?

...the promotion can only be considered complete once your branding and copy appeal to the customer.

These questions are not to be taken for granted, and if they are involved in the image selection and editing process, they will serve as a guide to creating top-class promotional imagery. Would you say we hit the mark in our promo images below? Our clients did.

If you notice, not only was the image selection strong, but we coupled the images with effective copy (they go hand-in-hand remember?) This combination cannot be underestimated. While the image serves as the foundation, the promotion can only be considered complete once your branding and copy appeal to the customer. There are obviously many other factors that can be structured in here, but those three things, image, branding, and copy, are more than enough to engage ANY customer once the promotion is built with the critical questions in mind.

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