Social Media Marketing: Facebook Ads

by Kareem Panton
on May 26, 2018

At one point, these were buzzwords used in formal conversations between salesmen, their bosses, and the C-suite. They were used in the context of face-to-face interactions that would ideally end with a handshake and new business. Things aren’t so straight forward for the entrepreneur or business owner today, and promoting a product or service through online media is critical.

Social Media Marketing is defined as just that, the use of social media platforms to promote products or services. This topic alone has significant breadth, so for now we’ll address Facebook Ads. They’re quick, easy, and can be very inexpensive. All you need to prepare one is a Facebook page and payment method. These ads allow you to:
  • Advertise your product/service to those with a Facebook account in a selected geographical area (10 mile radius around Kingston for example)
  • Control who sees your ad based on demographics like age, or even interest
  • Control where your ad is experienced (Facebook on desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Set the hours and time frame during which your ad will be experienced
  • Promote your product/service on Instagram
  • View insights on the Facebook users who interacted with your ad (liked it, visited your page through the ad, visited your website, etc)

All of this is done through the Facebook Ad Manager. The interface is easy to grasp, and once you click “Create an Ad”, you can opt to create an ad to:
  • Increase traffic to your page
  • Increase engagements (page likes, event responses, or offer claims)
  • Increase app installs (if your Fb page is for a smartphone or web application)
  • Increase video views
  • Increase lead generation (gather email addresses or contact info for those interest in your products/services for example)
  • Increase messages (promote communication between you and your potential customers online)

We also recommend testing your ads with small investments of $10 or so before you create ones worth 10s or hundreds of dollars.

Here's an example of what the final product can look like:

Website design and development in Jamaica

Before you invest too much however, we recommend getting more familiar with the Ad Manager and Ad creation. We also recommend testing your ads with small investments of $10 or so before you create ones worth 10s or hundreds of dollars. That’s a pro-tip that can save you a lot of time and money by discovering issues before you funnel in too much, and one that we use all the time.

Not sure how to run a Facebook ad? We can help you with that.

Once again, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Social Media Marketing, and truth-be-told, it can be a pretty daunting task when coupled with your business' other functions and obligations. Luckily, we offer packages for complete social media management at Ja++. We can handle all of the major tasks (eg. running ads and compiling reports/assessments) as well as the minor (eg. maintaining consistent and high quality social media engagement). We're more than happy to work with you.

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