Why Social Media Isn’t Enough: Web Design is the Key

by Kareem Panton
on May 31, 2018

The advent of social media has created several avenues for building and maintaining an online presence. Before the emergence of the major social media platforms businesses use today (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), most online presence was isolated to individual websites owned and run by each business. Since then, business owners have found social media platforms to be an easy “alternative” to creating and managing a website. You might even currently agree with that stance, and considering the benefits of social media marketing we previously highlighted, it’s easy to think that it’s all you need. This is not the case however. Allow me to shed some light.

1. You need a website because the current business climate makes customers wary of scammers.

Strong web design adds authenticity and trustworthiness to your brand, especially in the Jamaican economy, where fraud and scams are rampant. As I highlighted above, anyone can build a Facebook page, fill out the information, and upload a few pictures in under 30 minutes. That’s not an exaggeration. However, not everyone can build a website, or is even willing to invest in web design. It adds a level of credibility to your business that immediately sets you apart from scammers, and above competitors who fail to invest in it.

With a website, you can make sure your customers find you.

2. Websites offer you a level of control that social media doesn’t.

Whether it be something as simple as the general aesthetic (eg. choice of font size, colour, etc that would set you apart), to the reduced cost associated with maintaining an e-commerce portal vs staffing for in-person sales, there’s simply more that you can do with a website. Having that freedom is critical to portraying your business in the light you want it to be seen, and allows you to optimize costs. It also allows you to put your best foot forward customer-wise. If you look at our front page, you can see that we’ve published testimonies from some of our clients. Do all our clients have a testimony published on our website? No, that would be a bit much, but we published those that seemed to represent the general perspective of most of our clients. With just a social media page, all it takes is one bad review to pop up near the top of your ratings to turn away a potential customer, not to mention that you’re already limited by the customization options of the social media platform.

3. With a website, you can make sure your customers find you.

It’s called search engine optimization. For a quick definition, check out our Instagram post below. Think about it this way, let’s say you run a hardware store and it’s hurricane season in Jamaica. Your website would contain keywords that a potential customer would look up such as, “hammer”, “nails”, “plyboard.” So even without mentioning the name of your hardware store, if you have an optimized website, your website pops up on the front page of the search engine when relevant queries are made. The power of that really can’t be underestimated, and it’s much easier to do with a website than it is with a social media page. With a website, you can optimize right down to the code behind it all, whereas on a social media page, it’s much more superficial and yields significantly less bountiful results.

Interested in a website for your business? We can build it for you.

I hope this has helped to convince you a bit more, but if not, take another look at the page highlighting all our Web Design services and benefits, and contact us here so we can get started on your website.

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