Why Every Non-profit Should Leverage Technology

by Kareem Panton
on June 18, 2018

Non-profits are among the least-funded, yet most critical organizations in Jamaica. Their employees and work teams generally strive to fight for a social cause, or advocate for something the general population is less knowledgeable about or invested in. Some you may be familiar with are the Jamaica Cancer Society, ONE Foundation, and the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston. It’s also worth noting that many who work with non-profits hold positions at other companies as well, and so only contribute part-time. In this way, many see non-profits as extra-curricular activities for adults.

This low membership puts non-profits in a peculiar position. They are in a place where their low membership results in low visibility, and their low visibility fails to help them grow their membership. For this reason, technology is essential. An effective website and strong social media presence can be one of their best tools because:
  • They can be created and managed relatively cheaply
  • They yield continuous returns on the investment
  • They allow for continued visibility for the organization

This really cannot be underestimated. If you’re someone who is involved with a non-profit which actively seeks to increase membership and advocate for their cause, consider that more than 80% of young adults (aged 18-29) have a social media account. Also consider that 1 in 3 persons won’t consider seriously engaging with an organization that doesn’t have a website.

Also consider that 1 in 3 persons won’t consider seriously engaging with an organization that doesn’t have a website.

With low budgets and small memberships, digital technologies such as websites and social media pages allow non-profits to recruit new members, establish a stronger presence, and bolster their social proof. At a more practical level, events can be promoted, interested persons gain a reliable means of contacting you, and your organization’s purpose can be immortalized online.

If you think your organization (non-profit or otherwise) can benefit from these services, it’s something worth raising with your executive board, and something we are more than happy to support you on. Reach out to us, and we’ll get the conversation started!

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