Connecting on Social Media

by Kareem Panton
on July 9, 2018

Social Media has become so popular that we engage with it one in three times that we connect to the internet at all. It has also become the primary means of communicating and connecting for many of us. But while social media allows us to connect with people and brands we know, it also allows us to connect with those that we don’t know. This is a huge plus for small businesses that are looking to grow their clientele or network. So what’s the best way to go about this? Let’s cover the biggest do’s and don’ts.


Make sure your own social media page is up to date

If you’re reaching out to find new business opportunities on social media before your business has its best foot forward on its own page, you’re likely putting the cart before the horse. The impact of first impressions can’t be stressed enough. Spend the time to optimize your social media page and make sure your contact information is up-to-date. If you need fresh new copy and content, we’re more than happy to help.


Like and leave generic comments

If you’re goal is to maintain some degree of activity, then sure, you can pad your activity with a few likes and easy compliments, but, this does very little for you in the short run OR the long term. Everyone does exactly that. There’s nothing to separate your like or your effortless comment from the multitude of others. Don’t consider that stuff significant social media engagements as they rarely if ever turn into business deals or established network connections.

...the goal is to leave a comment that builds rapport, and ideally starts a conversation.

Comment with value

Your engagements should be wholesome. I don’t mean something so shallow as them being complete statements (they really should be in any case), but the goal is to leave a comment that builds rapport, and ideally starts a conversation. Ask engaging questions, or better yet, suggest a point of innovation or hone in on how you can help them with their business goals. You may not want to start pitching your business full-steam in the comments, but once that rapport is built, direct message them and continue the conversation.

Not sure how to run a Facebook ad? We can help you with that.

Forget the connections you’ve made

It’s rare to bump into a “hot” lead, ie. a person/business that is ready to do business with you. It takes some wooing and may not unfold into a business partnership for weeks or months, if at all. However, you can’t stop engaging. Jamaica is a small place and the opportunities may not be far apart. We just recently engaged with a potential client on Instagram, pitching to them the idea of us building a website for their business. The owner of the business wasn’t ready to take that step, but funnily enough, the Social Media Manager (who I was speaking to directly) engaged with us on behalf of another business she works with. So while we were aiming somewhere else, we still didn’t end up empty-handed.

Keep these in mind, and think of the usual, low-impact engagements as small talk. We all do it, but it really isn’t enough to do more than confirm you exist. Show how you can add value to their business and develop a proper working relationship.

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