Jamaica is currently experiencing major technological shifts, and we need to learn as much as we can along the way.

How we can help your company to grow with analytics

We provide you with objective measures of every business decision you make.

Tracking for A/B testing and analytics in Jamaica

Track Every Click

Want to know what's appealing to your customers? See what they are clicking on.

Website analytics in Jamaica
Record Page Views
Want to know how the different parts of your site are doing? We can tell you.
We tell you who your untapped customers are and what they like.
User stories in Jamaica with case studies and analytics
Who Your Users Are
Figure out who your content appeals to and then find out why.
Users and customers in website analytics in Jamaica
What Do Your Users Like?
Discover their interests so that you can serve them better.

We show you exactly where along your sales pipeline you lose your customers.

Website analytics in Jamaica
Test your Sales Model

Observe how people interact with your website or social media and their responses to changes you make. This way we can gain a better idea about how to improve their experience.

Website analytics in Jamaica
Observe Where Dropoff Occurs
Find out where and why you lose customers so you can solve the problems you didn't know you had.

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